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The Art of
Metal Decorating.
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Bringing Brands
to Life.
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Membership Drive
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2018 Annual Conference May 23-24, 2018
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Metal Packaging
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Welcome to the International Metal Decorator's Association

The objective of the IMDA is to foster and encourage improvements and technological advances in the art of metal decorating.

This objective is achieved by:

  • Communicating improvements in the mechanical, technical and manufacturing phases of the metal decorating industry to the members of the Association
  • Facilitating continuous improvement of the quality and standard of the work performed by the members
  • Communicating and encouraging the use of environmentally responsible technology
  • Communicating regulatory and "social" issues of concern to metal decorating
  • Fostering, maintaining and encouraging amicable relations among all members of the Association and their employees
  • Supporting and funding scholarships for individuals engaged in the industry.