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The 2-day conference features experts from around the world presenting on informative topics such as the latest developments in metal decorating technology in coatings, inks, and machinery, processes for extending the life of older equipment, metal decorating problem solving and environmental and regulatory updates.  Discounted Registration Fees for Members.  Learn more about the IMDPA Annual Conference.

The Sponsor Hosted Tabletop Exhibit takes place at the conclusion of Day 1 of the Annual Conference. Displays are set up in a large ballroom, in which refreshments and hors d’oeurves are served. A great opportunity for attendees to network with real experts, get real answers and real value. This event always sells out so reserve your spot as soon as possible.  Discounted Registration Fees for Members.  Learn more about the IMDPA Tabletop Exhibits.

The IMDPA provides the opportunity to interact with the industry’s most influential brand marketer, metal decorators and packagers who understand the vital role metal plays in delivering a brand’s message and connecting with consumers.  Learn more about IMDPA Networking.

The IMDPA produces a quarterly newsletter that is distributed by mail and electronically to all current members; the cost of the newsletter is included in the membership dues. The publication features articles relating to technology, equipment, quality, environmental compliance, recycling, market surveys, industry promotion and membership news.  View the IMDPA Newsletters.

IMDPA Members are publicized in the Directory of Members, which is available by mail and on our website.    Only Available for Members.  Login to the IMDPA Members Section to view the Members Directory.

The IMDPA Website at includes valuable features such as our member directory, technical resource directory, environmental and regulatory information and industry news and events.   Exclusive Access to Online Conference Seminars.

The annual IMDPA Excellence in Quality Awards recognizes the skillful achievements of the metal decorating and packaging industry. Entries from around the globe are judged in 11 categories with the best entry given the Grand Award.  Learn more about the IMDPA Excellence in Quality Awards.

Attended by industry members, the Annual Golf Outing & Banquet is an unforgettable event of camaraderie and sportsmanship followed by banquet festivities for both golfers and non-golfers.  The proceeds from the IMDA Memorial Golf outing are used to fund a most worthy cause, our IMDA Scholarship Fund.  Learn more about the IMDPA Golf Outing & Banquet.

The IMPDA provides funds for students who have completed; and are enrolled in an accredited college, junior college, vocational technical school, or other institute of continuing education.  Learn more about IMDPA Scholarships.