Our Membership

The IMDPA includes more than 600 individual members from more than 200 companies located around the world promoting the interests of metal decorators, canmakers, designers, and trade suppliers involved in metal decorating and packaging.

Brand Differentiation

Metal packaging attracts consumers and gives brands a competitive edge with a multitude of sizes, shapes and printing designs.


Think about it:  Metal containers are made from the same durable material as automobiles and aircrafts!


When metal products reach the end of life, they can be indefinitely recycled with no loss of their inherent properties.




Metal, as a highly recycled permanent material, saves raw materials, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Food Safety

Metal provides a complete barrier to light, gas, liquid, and light permeation.

Economic Impact

When considering its many features and benefits, nothing else comes close to providing the value and economy of metal packaging.


The IMDPA collects and disseminates accurate, useful industry information and makes it available to members and the general public to foster advances in the art of metal decorating and packaging.


IMDPA events bring together industry experts to share ideas, spread information and advance metal packaging.  Members benefit from information exchange, educational opportunities and professional networking.


IMDPA honors and awards are among the most sought after in the metal decorating & packaging industry.  Each winning individual, company, product or print is chosen by a group of industry experts.

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The Value

The IMDA provides opportunities throughout the year for our members to promote their products and services to a global community. Here is what some of our members have to say about the IMDPA.